How to build a career in Big Data at Kochi

career in big data

How to build a career in Big Data at Kochi

Huge amounts of data are generated by internet searches, financial and stock markets, urban informatics, business informatics etc. Scientists also have to analyze unimaginable amount of data relating to meteorology, genomics, complex physics stimulations, information gathered by sensors of Internet of Things devices and such.  Big data relates to data sets so complex that it cannot be processed by traditional data processing application software. There arise massive challenges like capture, storage, analysis, data curation, sharing, querying, updating etc.

The major purposes of analyzing such data is to find new correlations which will help in spotting business trends and patters, help in combating diseases and in preventing or stopping criminal activity like cyber crime. Storing and analyzing such data has been eased by new technologies such as Hadoop. It overcomes the difficulties of traditional processing systems.

Developed by Apache, Hadoop is capable of processing large data sets in few minutes. Hadoop is the foundation for big data processing tasks, such as scientific analytics, business and sales planning, and processing enormous volumes of data.

Today there is a significant shortage of trained professionals capable of handling Big Data. It is estimated that there will be a significant rise in job opportunities in this area in years to come. Many corporate are having extreme difficulty in handling large amount of data, Hadoop helps them manage data with high security and in scalable platform. The number of corporates using Hadoop is increasing exponentially. They all need numerous Hadoop developers in large numbers for handling big data.

The Big Data – Programming and Development course at Infaumedutech in Kochi is a 60 Hrs. course. The delivery mode is Instructor Led Training (ILT) and Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT). The course is ideal for those who want a good grounding of the concepts of Big Data and Hadoop. Requirements include basics of programming & scripting language, understanding of the concepts of OOP, basics of

Linux/Unix operating systems, a good understanding of Java programming language, Core Java and an understanding of basic SQL statements.