May 21, 2018

Best JMeter Training in Kochi

As you are aware, JMeter is pure Java open source software designed to load test functional behavior. It can also be used to measure performance and analyze web applications including a variety of services. What can be tested include load, multiple and concurrent user traffic. You can get proficient in using it for database server test also. The JMeter training at Infaum Edu Tech, Kochi is the best you can access in this city. The institute has the best training professionals to teach you JMeter. Instructors at Infaum have long years of training and teaching experience in Java and are adept in JMeter. JMeter is fast becoming a much-required course for professionals who wish to join the best MNC’s in Kochi and across India. The training at Infaum Edu Tech is structured, well scheduled and give training in a practical way that is easy to learn and understand. The course […]
May 11, 2018

Learn Android from the best at Kochi

What you do by becoming an Android developer is to create applications that make life simple and tasks easier. It can be a mobile application which gets coded from wireframes which arrive from basic designs. The joy and wonderment in creating such something special will yours alone when you are an Android developer! What’s more, the average base salary of Android Developers has kept rising. Android developers are required right from concept and design phase of a project to software architecture planning, coding and testing phases. So, if you gain a solid understanding of Android from a leading institute like InfaumEduTech at Kochi, you are never short of opportunity. Another thing about being an Android professional is that development in this area is a continuous and ongoing process and will go on well into the future. Android will keep playing a major role in modern communication as well as in […]
April 6, 2018

Best ASP.NET with C# Training in Kochi

ASP.NET is a high performance, cross-platform framework that can be utilized to develop highly dynamic and modern web applications that require the minimum of coding. It is a unified web development model that includes the services needed to build enterprise-class web applications. As ASP.NET is part of the .NET framework, when coding ASP.NET applications you gain access to classes in the .NET Framework. The application can be coded in any language compatible with the common language runtime, including C#. Thus one can develop ASP.NET applications that benefit from common language runtime. At InfaumEduTech, you can achieve the best training in ASP.NET with C# at Kochi. You will get ample exposure to different learning environments. The course syllabus has been designed by well-experienced professionals. The 90 hours training program offered at InfaumEduTech is designed to help you understand the entirely new programming model for creating network applications that take advantage of […]
January 30, 2018

Software testing institute near Infopark, Kochi

It is clearly evident that the process of software testing is for finding the faults and bugs in a software that has been newly created and before it is released out to the public or customers. The process is also to discover if there are any gaps, errors or requirements of the software that has gone missing. Software tester does the testing manually and also by using testing tools. Infaumedutech at Kochi is one of the leading institutions near Kochi that provides software testing training. The training methodology includes the normal curriculum and also real-time testing. The latest tools are added to the curriculum and the students who go through the training get the required industry accepted sills. The trainers at Infaumedutech have a great experience in real-time manual and automated testing using software tools. With the help of excellent faculty, Infaumedutech is able to create better placements and offer […]
January 23, 2018
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Why Choose Software Testing and Training career

Nowadays there is a raging debate on how automation and machine learning can take away jobs especially in the software sector. Technologies like machine learning and robotics are becoming commonplace and hence the concern of software professionals. It is becoming evident that their jobs can be and could in future be replaced by intelligent programs that someone like themselves will create. Or by robots that run on software written by someone like them. Areas and sector that require long hours of number crunching and sharing of knowledge work will be the first that could be affected by automation technologies. A figure of 45% to 60% of all occupations is believed to be under threat. However, it can be much into the future and probably take 10 to 15 years to achieve that numbers. However, jobs that enable automation and those who are involved in the writing of automation software as […]
January 16, 2018

Why software testing training is necessary

Once one is out of the college and ready to enter a job as a software professional, the actual training on the job actually begins. It is when one learns about the actual working of functions, roles of individuals within Software firms and the hierarchy of jobs. It is also the time that the individual realizes that certain jobs earn more than others. It becomes plainly clear that software testing professionals are specialized professionals who are valued highly by the firm and is looked upon. They are given special perks and facilities as well as higher salaries. While the software professional has to create a product or service that is error free and works perfectly, the job of a software tester is to find the loopholes and bugs. They also find out the issues with navigation, the loopholes, and usage. Those who get into software testing develop over time a […]
January 2, 2018
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How to Choose Software Testing and Training career

  A career in Software Testing is not something everyone goes for. That’s right; you become a specialist and a sought-after professional because you are among the special people who take up a career in Software Testing. Probably it is because you love logical challenges. You have to bear the responsibility for ensuring that software that will go to customers who will buy and use the product will be bug-free. Software Testers are the protectors of the company’s reputation. You find bugs and perhaps fixes, find shortcuts and automate processes, you do stress testing and ensure robustness. As a Software Tester, you are absolutely critical to the perfection of the product, helping cover up the mistakes of the coders, helping fix bugs and helping preserve reputations of coders. You love to help in creating a great product that customers will delight in. You go in blind at times without documentation, exploring, […]
January 2, 2018

Software Testing Project Training in Kochi

Developing software is a long drawn project and process. It involves many people working over long hours and at considerable costs. It involves creativity, ingenuity and a lot of hard work. In the end of the development, the software developed should work. It should meet the expectations, requirements and go beyond, to delight the end customer. About a decade ago, software testing was a process that software developers themselves undertook as part of a routine. It continually interfered with their work, caused friction among the coders and led to mistakes being overlooked by the developers themselves to that they were not seen in a bad light. Over the years, Software Testing has become critical to the development and success of projects especially with the pressure to getting to the market first and fast. It has enabled bugs to be detected and fixed before the project is presented to the client. […]
December 2, 2017

The Best Networking Concepts with Security Course in Kochi

October 19, 2017

How to build a career in Android at Kochi

How to build a career in Android at Kochi With over 1.6 billion Android devices in the world, with over 87% of all people having smartphones, it makes sense to want to build a career in Android and somewhere along the line, build a fantastic Android App. No wonder, Android developers are much in demand today especially since new and smaller organizations have entered the fray for building Android Apps and programs. Lots of industries need applications and programs in Android. The range can be as diverse as hospitals and health industry, transportation and logistics etc to gaming and finance sectors. Thankfully you can learn and build your career in Android at Kochi at one of the best institutions – Infaumedutech. Here you will not only learn to master Android but also acquire the knowledge to tackle the toughest interviews to get that coveted job. As an Android professional you […]
October 18, 2017

Advanced Java Training at Kochi

Advanced Java Training at Kochi As the IT industries developed, the demand for advanced coding skills has increased. All the leading IT companies at the IT parks and across India require IT professionals with good skills, logical mind and ability to solve problems in real time. Though there are many IT institutions in Kochi which teach Java, Infaum EduTech has been one of the premier institutions for Java training that takes you to an advanced level. You can start with very little experience in Java and quickly get through the basic concepts to reach an intermediate level. Over the duration of the course at Infaum EduTech at Kochi, you can increase your proficiency to go on to an advanced level of Java. All the cool applications and games that you find on the web and on your phones – it has lots of coding in Java. Java is probably the […]
October 18, 2017

Best PHP training in Kochi

Best PHP training in Kochi When you wish to have a great career in PHP at Kochi it is best to find the right institution like Infaum EduTech that gives you advanced training. There are many institutions in Kochi which provides training in PHP but Infaum EduTech has been in this field for years and has trained some of the best professionals in PHP. These days virtually everyone has a smart phone and subsequently the need for PHP programmers for creating programs and Apps has increased day by day. There has also been a rapid increase for good interactive websites. It is believed that nearly 20 PHP jobs are created per week in Kerala alone and many of the vacancies are going unfilled. Infaum EduTech at Kochi provides software aspirants the best opportunity to catch hold of this opportunity and create a safe and progressive career. Infaum EduTech based in […]