The Demand for Software Testers

demand for software testing

The Demand for Software Testers

As you know, no software can be safely released into the public domain without extensive testing. With the number of software development companies increasing multifold, the demand for Software Testers too is increasing significantly across India.

Every software product or service has a number of set goals and functionalities that it has to deliver. Software Testing is what ensures that these goals and functionalities are met before the software is released. It ensures quality, reliability and trust in the product or service.

Any given day, customers are looking forward to new releases and updates on the software they have already acquired. The developer also wants to keep ahead of the competition and prevent the customer from trying out other competitive software or product that offers better additional functions.

The time taken from development to market is being reduced significantly. It requires Software Testers to do their job fast and extremely efficiently. This requires a higher level of proficiency and competence from the individual Software Tester. Any defect or malfunction will reflect not only badly on the reputation of the company but could also lead to significant financial loss.

In a world where people have come to rely on software so much for critical functions, the tolerance levels for bugs and glitches have gone down considerably. Also, many leading software companies come out with absolutely perfect products and this has led to a very high level of expectations among customers.

A Software Tester has to be detached mentally from the product and has to look at it from a customer’s or end user’s perspective. He would be required to think out of the box, suggest new connections examine new possible ways of achieving the end results in a simpler and effective way. A Software Tester could be the one to suggest changes in code to make it more lean and robust. He is the one who will offer new solutions to compatibility issues and compliances. Interestingly, the Software Tester will also have to ensure that things that are not supposed to work, doesn’t work.

The best way to set off on a career in Software Testing is to select a suitable course at Infaumedutech. There are several to choose from and Selenium (40hrs) and JMeter (30hrs) are the current favorites. So move ahead into a career in Software Testing, where you get to delve deep into the workings of interesting software on a daily basis.