Gaining Selenium certification at Kochi

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Gaining Selenium certification at Kochi

 Today it is widely accepted that Selenium Software Testing tool is one of the most popular automated website testing tools available. It is used to test GUI and functionality of the website. As a student, you are benefitted by the fact that the license cost of the software has been kept in check when compared to proprietary tools. Also, you are benefitted by the advances and combined efforts of Open Source community. This has been witnessed with the advancement in the growth of Selenium from 1.0 to Webdriver 2.0.

Infaumedutech at Kochi is one of the leading institutions offering Selenium Automation Testing course in Kerala. This testing tool has a great capability to grow and progress which is why it popular with testing professionals. With Software Quality Assurance (QA) becoming an integral part of all software projects, even coding is made compatible with testing modules. These QA professionals use Selenium widely to check the quality of web applications.

Infaumedutech invites any graduate or post-graduate individual with a basic knowledge of any programming language to study Selenium. A basic knowledge of Java will certainly help in getting a good grasp of the software and its logics. Today Selenium Automation tools are utilized by such leading corporate like Salesforce, Accenture, ThoughtWorks, Mozilla… etc and so, developing a good career with the leading IT giants of the world is something you can aspire to and actually achieve.

Courses at Infaumedutech provide you full hands-on sessions on how to automate web-based applications. You will learn to implement various frameworks such as Data-driven, Hybrid, Page Object model etc. As Selenium has the support of the leading browsers, which has made Selenium a native part of their browsers, it has become much easier for developers to test their new developments. No wonder Selenium is now considered as the best open source test automation framework for QA professionals across the world today.