Making Your Mark as System Administrator


Making Your Mark as System Administrator

If your computer has ever had a problem, chances are, you’ve used a computer systems administrator to help you get back on track. They’re the ones who calmly guide you through the step-by-step troubleshooting process over the phone.

Today any self-respecting corporate of any significant size need System Administrators to keep their systems humming along nicely. You get to be in charge of designing the company’s network and linking the systems. You help with support, you install software and decide on the hardware that suits your company and of course, ensure safety of data. It’s a huge responsibility which is why you become an important person for the company, valued and paid well.

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A System Administrators job is not something to take lightly. You as a System Administrator will be in charge of supporting, installing and designing a company’s network and computer systems. Local area networks, wide area networks and Internet systems are also to be taken care of by the system administrator. Because many businesses depend so heavily on their computer network, system administrators might have to work long hours to make sure it is working correctly and smoothly.

It would certainly help if you have a Computer Science degree or any of the related associated degrees. One thing to understand is that even though your course may be comprehensive, every company that takes you in gives you extensive training and reorientation to bring you up-to-date with their systems and requirements. This means getting familiar with all the hardware and software that are put in use at the company. No company can afford malfunctions, crashes, system failures and data breaches. Which means, pretty soon you as the System Administrator will become a very important employee for the company.