Networking and Security – growing careers.

Networking and Security – growing careers.

There was a time when Networking was looked down upon as a career option. Over the years, things have changed dramatically and Networking professionals, combined with the strength of Security, are much in demand.

Today they are considered the most valuable assets of a company – wanted by everyone from start-ups to corporates. In an ever-connected world, the skills of a Networking professional are vital to keep the flow of information smooth and unbroken.

Interestingly, some of the basic skills required include the ability for good communication, which adds immense value and help you understand the requirements and intricacies of an issue. A good understanding of all the various software that are required in a corporate or business establishment and how to handle them will be necessary.

There’s a growing requirement for Networking professionals adept with Security, across India and the world, which means, you can end up working in a variety of industry and that the challenge of each segment can be different. The requirements of a software development company can have a different nuance from that of an animation firm or a BPO or a finance company.

Over the years, one can also aim at setting off on their own, creating a Networking services firm and serving own clients. With the availability of Start-Up funds, you can even design and create an innovative service that serves a lot of people.

At Infaumedutech, the Networking Concepts with Security is designed for those who are interested in starting off as WAN Administrators and learning essential WAN Admin Skills. Effective hands-on training that makes you able to effectively use and customize routers and switches is perfect for today’s environment of interconnected establishments. You will perform essentials like routing, switching, implementation of security on routers, switches and wireless.

Basics of Network, Understanding Cables, Understanding Protocols which we use over internet, OSI Model, Creating Network using Router and Switches, Routing, Switching, Security Implementation on Router and Switch, Wi-fi, use of IP Addressing IPV4 & IPV6 are the strengths you gain at Infaumedutech.