Why should programmers learn software testing?


Why should programmers learn software testing?

Why should a software professional ever learn software testing? First we can start off by trying to understand what software testing is all about. Of course, it is the process of examining a program or application to find out whether it works perfectly or if it has software bugs. It is to ensure that the software fulfills the business as well as the technical needs on the basis of the design development guide and brief. Testing is not something that happens after the entire project is completed. In fact, the testing process is a continuous one that takes place throughout the software development.

All along, the software programmer has to be certain that his work meets the standards expected. This is why today there are many tests in the early life cycle of the development so that the defects can be discovered or eliminated early. The documents referred could include design requirement and specifications. In many cases, the programmer himself could be responsible for creating the programs that would test and verify the quality of the development. Every good software development company necessarily needs professionals who have undergone software testing training.

The level of programming experience that a programmer needs to have can depend on the kind of software testing that needs to be done. Normally there are two types of software testers. They can be – Quality Assurance (QA) testers and Software Design Engineers in Test (SDET). SDETs are normally testers who have a basic understanding of the requirements of the final products and examines whether the parameters are met. A QA tester is usually a much more accomplished programmer who has finer understandings of the inner workings of a project. They test and verify all the major functionality of the software.

A good programmer will have better prospects and will be more valuable to the institution for which he works if additional qualifications in testing are gained. Good logical skills and an ability to attack problems and go about the deduction of issues in a systematic way are most important. It needs someone with a playful mind, inquisitiveness and problem solving abilities.

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