Understanding Various Applications of Java

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Understanding Various Applications of Java

Sometimes it is good to go back to the basics of Java Technology and keep track on all the various uses and applications of Java. As we are all aware, Java is a high level secured object oriented programming language, developed by initially by Sun Microsystems which was later acquired by Oracle Corporation.

The best thing about Java is that it is designed to help developers make applications “write once, run anywhere” (WORA). This means, Java code can run without any need for recompilation, on all sorts of platforms that supports Java. According to Oracle, more than 3 billion devices run Java! Almost every major company use Java in one way or other for sure.

The beauty of Java is that today it is used in – Standalone applications, Web applications, Enterprise applications, Mobile applications etc. From commercial e-commerce website to android apps, from scientific application to electronic trading systems, from games to desktop applications like IntelliJ and Eclipse – all use Java.

One of the primary goals of Java is its high portability. So when a program is written for Java platform, it can run on any other hardware and OS if there is enough runtime support. To achieve this, Java language code is compiled into Java bytecode. Web application is a client server software application which is run by the client. Some of the web applications are email, online retail sales etc. Servlet, jsp, jsf are used to create web applications.

One of the best places to gain a great command over Java is Infaum Edu Tech. Here you can easily learn the syntax, semantics and idioms of the Java programming language. Very soon, you will gain confidence in object-oriented programming principles through lots of practical exercises that provide useful exposure to the core Java class libraries.

To join the course it will be helpful if you have fundamental knowledge of C/C++. Throughout the course you will gain great experience through hands-on exercises (both classroom & Lab Assignment) which are designed to teach object oriented programming using the Java Standard Edition programming language (JSE 8).