Benefits of Software Testing

Benefits of software testing

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is a process or activity to check and evaluate the quality of the software and to make sure that the software  systems are bug free. It is a wide process that include:

  • Software completeness regarding functional requirements.
  • Finding technical errors.
  • Ensuring the software is bug-free.
  • Assessing usability, performance, security, localisation, compatibility, and installation.

Software Testing can be done in two different ways.

  • Manual Software Testing: is a type of Software Testing where Testers manually execute test cases without using any automation tools.
  • Automated Software Testing: is a type of Software Testing where Tester execute test cases using automation Tools such as: Selenium, Jmeter etc…

Why is it Important?

In the IT industry everything has to be checked twice before releasing the product. It is very important to analyse bugs and defects of the software. It will show out the errors during the development period itself. While improving the quality we gain customer’s confidence. Testing is required for an effective performance of software application or product.

Top 5 Benefits of Software Testing

  • Software Testing helps us to identify and fix bugs before it has been released.
  • Software testing is a part of the software development process. It performs a root cause analysis so that it helps in making it more efficient.
  • Reliability of software can be measured by certification or its conformation. This helps in creating confidence and a healthy business relationship with customer as well as the client.
  • Quality of the product can be improved so that there will be a greater user feedback and we can earn their trust.
  • Cost-efficiency


Software testing is beneficial because it increases the return on investment with higher percentages. Testing will make sure that it has higher standards in development and in delivered products, which will lead to maintaining old customers, bringing in new ones, and gaining their trust.