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About Software Testing

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A Brief About Software Testing : Software testing is a process of verifying the quality of an application. Testing is one of the prominent parts in the software life cycle where it ensures whether all the needs and expectations of client is done or not.

Today, testing is one of the fastest growing career paths and has lots of opportunities available. One can choose software testing as his/her career path if he/she is a keen observer.Earlier, there was no dedicated testing team present in the software companies.

Due to the lack of testing, it made a huge loss to the company as well as for the clients. Effective software testing helps to give confidence about the quality of software for releasing it to the market.

2 Types of Software Testing and its details

Software testing is classified into Manual testing and Automation Testing. Manual testing is the primitive method in which testing of software is done by human completely. In Automation testing, the testing process is done with the help of some tools and programs.

Nowadays, automation testing is largely used in software companies because it helps to reduce human workload as well as helps to save time. More than that automation testing helps to test an application repeatedly within a fraction of seconds.

Software testing helps to find bugs in the application so that a defect-free product will be delivered to the customer. By ensuring the quality of the product, testing focuses on customer satisfaction. A good software tester needs to have a breakthrough attitude, analytical skills, technical skills, concentration, and passion.

An interesting fact about software testing is that not only testers but also developers and clients can also conduct testing. Various types of testing are conducted on a software product in order to verify its functionalities.

Guys let’s check the roles of Testers.

There are QA analyst, Sr.QA analyst, QA team coordinator, Test manager, Senior test managers, etc. present in a testing team. In a typical company, based on experience and knowledge, career progression varies.

Want to know more about opportunities of Software Testing and Benefits of Software Testing

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