April 11, 2020
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Top 3 Automation Tool For Android

 Automation Tools For Android I will be explaining about Top 3 Automation Tool for Android. Automation testing is used for testing the errors and clients requirement of a product. Automation testing has created a boom in the testing industry due to less time and less error. Many Automation tools are available in the market. A software tester must know about the available tools and have a better idea about it. An entire project cannot be depended upon the single tool since each tool has its own limitations. Each Individual projects have their own requirement, therefore, you need to doesn’t on multiple tools. Robotium Android Automation Tool     Pros Robotium is the first and repeatedly tool for automation android testing. It is a free tool for testing android UI. Different android version can be tested in it. Software testers often call it as selenium from android developers. Test and results […]
April 9, 2020

What is Grey Box Testing | Infaum Edu Tech

Grey Box Testing Grey box testing is a method of testing software and application externally and internally. The grey box is a mix of white-box testing and black-box testing. The implementation is done with limited knowledge of the internal process of the software application. The main aim of the grey box is to remove the deficiencies and errors in the software. The grey box is made by merging white box and black box testing. White Box  – the internal structure is fully known Black Box  – the internal structure is fully unknown Grey Box – Internal code structure  is partially known Grey Box Testing Steps First Step – The Basic process of internal features of the application is tested using white box Second Step – A design is made on the knowledge gained in the first step to proceed the rest of the test Third Step – Using the prepared […]
April 7, 2020
what is python

What Is Python | Infaum Edu Tech

 Python   Python is a high-level language used for programming. Python is an object-oriented language with dynamic semantics. The built-in data structures help easily for app development. Dynamic typing and dynamic binding attracted many people to implement python. Python is also used for scripting or sticking language to connect components. Advantage of python is it’s easy to learn, simple, low cost. These things people to adapt python easily. Python consists and supports packages and modules, so work gets easy for the programmers since, the packets can be reused. Python standard library is widely available everywhere without any charges. Python is known as programmers favourite coding language. Increased outcome and lesser effort make python on top. Editing, Testing, Debugging is done in an instant. Bug handling is easy and smooth in python and there won’t is a segmentation fault. Bugs can be traced out easily. Many debugging protocols are available widely […]
April 6, 2020

Best On Page Optimization Techniques

On-Page Optimization On-Page SEO is an optimization process done on webpages to rank better in the search engine and thereby to increase the organic traffic. Through the process of On-Page optimization the quality of the webpages increases. I will be covering some tips and techniques to improve SEO this post will be helping the beginners to get listed on top of Google. It is always good to follow Best on-page optimizations techniques from the beginning itself to rank better or to compete.   Breaking Down The On-Page Optimization Techniques   lets break-down on-page optimization into the head section and body section optimization. Url, Title optimization, Meta description comes under the header section and content alignment and content optimization come under the body section. Now I will be explaining some of the Best on-page optimization techniques in the following sections.   Header Section Optimization   Header section optimization is one of the best on-page optimization […]
April 4, 2020
what is blockchain

What Is Blockchain | Infaum Edu Tech , Kochi

BLOCKCHAIN Blockchain also referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), is the technology which can make the past of digital assets not to be altered and to be transparent with the help and usage of decentralization and cryptographic hashing.  Google Doc is an analogue for the technology being talked about. It is a revolutionary technology which helps to reduce risk factors, throw out the frauds and ensures transparency in the uses. There are three main concepts in the technology which includes blocks, nodes and miners. Multiple numbers of blocks are available in the chain which is again categorized as data, nonce and hash. When the first block in the chain has generated a nonce will obtain a cryptographic hash, where the data given in the block is signed and tied forever to the once and has only if they are mined.  By the process of mining, new blocks are created […]
April 3, 2020
what is augmented reality

What Is Augmented Reality | Infaum Edu Tech

AUGMENTED REALITY The state or behaviour of a substance as they actually exist or how it is experienced is known as reality. There are three types of reality that are ruling the technologies in the world that is Augmented Reality, virtual reality and mixed reality. The difference between the augmented, virtual and mixed reality is, in virtual reality, our world is replaced with a virtual one and in augmented reality, we can get a view of real-world in a modified way through a system generated display, sound, graphics etc. and mixed reality is a hybrid reality that mix the other two realities to visualize the interaction of real and digital objects. Hardware components constituted in augmented reality are display, processor, sensor and input devices and two major technologies used are diffractive waveguides and reflective waveguides. Software algorithms should be developed from the real world coordinates of images using image registering and it […]
April 2, 2020
what is artificial intelligence

What Is Artificial Intelligence | Infaum Edu Tech

 Artificial Intelligence Intelligence is the ability of a person to think and take decisions logically for solving real-world problems. It includes learning, reasoning, linguistic intelligence and critical thinking. Artificial intelligence(AI) is the technique of making intelligent machines that mimic human intelligence. An AI system has two components in general, an agent and its environment. An agent can be anything like a robot which perceives its environment through various sensors and acts on the environment through various effectors.     The three levels of  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE First Is Artificial Narrow Intelligence(ANI) Second Is Artificial General Intelligence(AGI) Third Is Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) ANI refers to the weak AI is capable of doing only specific tasks such as facial recognition, speech recognition, searching over the internet etc. AGI is the concept of machines that mimics human intelligence and it solves real-world problems. ASI refers to strong AI which can supersede man in […]
March 27, 2020
Best software testing institute in kerala

Best software testing institute in Kochi

Are You Searching For The Best Software Testing Institute In Kochi     We are the best software testing institute in Kochi, Kerala. We provide software testing training for corporates and collages in manual and automation testing. Infaum Edu Tech is an associated member of ISTQB Certification. ISTQB is an international software testing board that is recognized internationally. We guarantee 100% placement for the students. At Infaum Edu Tech is assembled with world-class infrastructure for software training. Well trained and experienced faculties help the students to use the potential to get the best out of them. More than 650+ students are placed in multinational Companies with good salary packages. Many of our students work at the companies in Kochi Infopark.   Why Infaum Edu Tech Is The Best Software Testing Institute In Kochi   Infaum Edu Tech ensures 100% guarantee for the students, Because we value the time and money […]
March 25, 2020

How To Start Career In Software Testing

Learn How To Start Career In Software Testing in 2020     Starting a career in software testing as easy as driving a car. All you need to do is get a driver’s license to drive the car. Anyone can easily start their career in software testing. it doesn’t matter whether he or she is from the IT industry. Software testing is the best choice for those who want to work in the IT industry without IT any background. Since the IT industry is the best-emerging industry many of them want to try to stick into the IT sector, Software testing would be a good choice.   Few Things to Ask Yourself Before choosing Software Testing As Job Career   Why You Have To Choose Software Testing Career? Are You Fine with Shifting to the IT sector? What are you expecting after becoming a software tester? Can You pickup with […]
March 24, 2020

what is the future of software automation testing

Future of software automation testing in 2020     No matter what the technology has improved , the future of software automation testing will remain high. In order to provide high quality software, The product is  screened through software testing to find the errors and bugs. The main Focus is to meet the clients requirement. Most of the software developing is  leaning towards automation software testing over manual testing. Companies prefer the candidate who knows both manual and automation software testing.  when it comes to software testing the trends keeps changing. Following are the few trends that will change the testing industry to the core.   Code-less Test Automation : which makes easier for software testers and helps to deliver the result fast and save time. Artificial Intelligence integrated Testing : There exist some defects for every testing tool. But the result  using AI is having high accuracy rate. RPA […]
March 19, 2020

Top Rated Software Testing Institute

Five Points That Ensure How To Choose Top  Software Testing Institute     It is not easy to choose the top software testing institute for enrolling. You must go through several things before selecting an institute. This is your break-even point so choose wisely. Every decision you make affects your future. The following are the main criteria you must focus on before selecting the software testing institute.   Establishing The Clear Learning Objective An institute must define the objectives of the course they provide. They must be clear about what are the outcomes of the course, what do the students gain from it. What can you expect from a particular institute when compared to others. Eg: To increase the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of the individual   Targeted content For Learning You must compare the learning objectives with the syllabus adopted by the institute. Learn did the content for learning […]
March 14, 2020

What Is Appium

APPIUM     Appium an open-source automation framework developed by Dan Cuellar in 2007 and now it is used for testing native, hybrid and web applications in platforms like iOS and Android. This automates any mobile application of any language and any test framework. It uses a webdriver protocol to drive different platforms. It uses the JSON wire protocol to interact with iOS and Android native applications using the selenium webdriver.    appium supports automation on physical devices such as emulators or simulators. Appium offers cross-platform application testing. It is not dependent on the operating system or device type. It supports languages that have Selenium client libraries like Java, Perl, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, C, PHP, etc. Therefore Appium has an inspector to record and playback excluding Microsoft windows. Appium and selenium use the same web driver protocol and same client libraries to control and test the targeted platforms.   Architecture […]