Why Choose Software Testing and Training career

Nowadays there is a raging debate on how automation and machine learning can take away jobs especially in the software sector. Technologies like machine learning and robotics are becoming commonplace and hence the concern of software professionals. It is becoming evident that their jobs can be and could in future be replaced by intelligent programs that someone like themselves will create. Or by robots that run on software written by someone like them.

Areas and sector that require long hours of number crunching and sharing of knowledge work will be the first that could be affected by automation technologies. A figure of 45% to 60% of all occupations is believed to be under threat. However, it can be much into the future and probably take 10 to 15 years to achieve that numbers. However, jobs that enable automation and those who are involved in the writing of automation software as well as testing these will continue to flourish.

One such automation testing software that is believed could rule the roost is Selenium. It is the best open source test automation tool out there. It is highly user-friendly and probably the most friendly to learn too. This is why the developers and also the test managers in development firms are so much confident about it.

The tribe of software testers is growing day by day. The demand for training of software professionals is increasing, showing that the confidence in the sector has stood the test of time. Infaumedutech is a leading training institution in Kochi, Kerala offering training in Selenium and software testing training. Even if one chooses not to join any company or institution for a job, software training professionals can get enough testing work as an independent freelance service provider.

Infaum edutech offers numerous course that you can take and learn at your own inclination and need. Selenium training at Inafaum edutech provides loads of practical experience to the trainees and they can become proficient professionals.