How to Choose Software Testing and Training career

  A career in Software Testing is not something everyone goes for. That’s right; you become a specialist and a sought-after professional because you are among the special people who take up a career in Software Testing. Probably it is because you love logical challenges. You have to bear the responsibility for ensuring that software that will go to customers who will buy and use the product will be bug-free. Software Testers are the protectors of the company’s reputation. You find bugs and perhaps fixes, find shortcuts and automate processes, you do stress testing and ensure robustness.

As a Software Tester, you are absolutely critical to the perfection of the product, helping cover up the mistakes of the coders, helping fix bugs and helping preserve reputations of coders. You love to help in creating a great product that customers will delight in. You go in blind at times without documentation, exploring, testing and checking. It’s a challenge like none other to decode the system and seek out the bugs, do a fix or suggest a fix.


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Infaum Edu tech is an authorized HP Training Centre. Here you get only the original HP Study and Lab materials. This means, you are immediately getting access to world-class education which puts you at a level above the rest who get trained in other institutes across Kerala. Here you get hands-on training with the help of Licensed HP Testing Tools, which most other institutes do not provide. The trainers here too are HP certified.

The Software Testing Training offered by Infaum Edu Tech is the best in Kochi which enables you to bridge the gap between University curriculum courses which you have acquired and the actual industry experience. Students get the benefit equivalent to a corporate training at an affordable price right here in Kochi with Infaum Edu Tech.