What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the Marketing strategies using digital support. Through digital marketing we can connect with customers via internet. Digital Marketing includes a number of digital tactics and channels to connect with customers where they spend much of their time.

Let's go through the main tactics of Digital Marketing.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website to "rank" higher in search engine results pages, thereby increasing the amount of organic traffic to your website. There are almost 200 and more activities or processes to ranking.

  • Social Media Marketing

It is a process of promoting your brand and content on social media, to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and generate leads for your business.

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is a process of driving traffic to your website or any platform using paid services. One of the most common type of PPC is Google ADWords. There are other channels where we can use PPC they are:

  1. Ads on Facebook
  2. Ads on Instagram
  3. Promoted Tweets in Twitter
  • Affiliated Marketing

This is a type of advertising where you get commission for promoting someone else's products or services on your website.

  • Email Marketing

It is a way of communicating with audiences through emails. Email is often used to promote content, discounts and events.

These are some of the important marketing strategies used in digital marketing. There are lot more.

Why Infaum EduTech?

Infaum EduTech is a training institution affiliated with HPEThis year we introduced Digital Marketing courses, so that those who aspire to be a digital marketer will have a great time with Infaum EduTech in learning and practicing those strategies and understand current tactics. As a training institution we will support you through the training period and after.

Infaum EduTech is envisioned to framework a more flexible and smarter network for Digital Marketing. The courses assure placement through the top companies. We always follow the tradition of delivering the technical knowledge at the most practical and professional manner. With the proficiency, we make it possible for our trainees to develop confidence and reach beyond borders in their respective area of expertise.

we provide Google Certification Assistance.