How could Autonomous Software Testing change Quality Assurance (QA)

How could Autonomous Software Testing change Quality Assurance (QA)

In early times autonomous software testing involves regression testing which enhances time consumption in repeated testing but the business does not have many benefits in autonomous testing since it just provides a framework for the working of commercial tools.

By the evolution of autonomous software testing from regression testing to test data automation, it comes to functional aspects of a business enterprise. That is test execution with multi-stack automation which provides high efficiency and low time to market the product.

Now a day’s company focuses more on Agile method, where continuous testing and development is done. DevOps team a method where developers and testers work in the same team which enhances the working efficiency of the team. Continuous testing quality assurance (QA) is done effectively.

In this case, the autonomous software testing is not used by testers alone while the developers and the user also use autonomous software testing. Such as in unit testing developers use autonomous software testing and the users at the time of user acceptance testing. Thus the autonomous evolve from regression testing to continuous testing with effective quality assurance (QA).

In early times the autonomous software testing focuses on Black box testing that is testing functionality with an actual and expected result. Now it also focuses on White box testing that is testing the internal architecture of the system resulting in better quality assurance (QA).

Benefits of automation involve

  • Lower operating cost
  • Increased production output
  • Effective quality assurance (QA)
  • Better planning
  • Easy integration
  • Increase efficiency

When it comes to digital program the companies mostly use an agile method or DevOps team for the running of the program, where it takes shorter cycles to complete the software development and quality assurance with a limited time frame. In these cases, a separate way of assurance quality is done by continuous quality assurance and faster time to market the product. Making AI in test automation to provide effective quality assurance. The organizations are emerging new ideas using automation to provide high-quality assurance.


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