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International Software Testing Qualifications

The Certification That We Bet Will Enhance Your Testing Career- ISTQB!
Any person who aspires to make a career in Software Testing would undoubtedly be familiar with the ISTQB Certification, the international benchmarking certification in Manual Testing. This is a discussion on what or who is ISTQB and why the certification is such a desirable addition to your portfolio.

What is ISTQB? Who runs it?
Interestingly, ISTQB is the body of authority that awards the certification of ISTQB. International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) is a non-profit association that certifies Software Testers worldwide. In their quest to bring in an international qualification scheme and to establish a syllabus on which the qualification is based, ISTQB has created the world’s most successful scheme for certifying software testers.
This body is responsible for the ‘ISTQB Certified Tester’ certificate, awarded to the successful participants after each examination that covers the contents of the prescribed syllabus. The board operates with the vision of continually improving and advancing the Software Testing Profession by ‘defining and maintaining a Body of Knowledge which allows testers to be certified based on best practices, connecting the international software testing community, and encouraging research’. The Indian wing of ISTQB responsible for the certification in India is the Indian Testing Board (ITB).

The credibility of ISTQB owes to the following reasons:

  • International reach
    ISTQB is truly an international certification as it is recognized in multiple countries in multiple continents. No other certification can boast of such far a reach or adoption in as many countries as this one.
  • Constantly evolving syllabus
    The scope of the certification keep evolving as Test experts from various countries are constantly working towards defining and refining the syllabus, the exam pattern, the examination questions and compiling the valuable information on testing around the world.
  • Non-profit nature of the board
    Moreover, the non-profit nature of ISTQB ensures that nobody has a vested interest in promoting a particular Body of Knowledge (BOK) or a particular book. All material developed by ISTQB is developed on a voluntary basis and are made available for free.

Features of ISTQB Certification
ISTQB Certified Tester is the most widespread qualification scheme in the world, and the syllabi contents and glossary have become the bible for the software testing professionals and industry reference. ISTQB syllabi are developed and reviewed by leading testing professionals from academia and industry and widely acclaimed to be of the highest standards. Another feature of the certification is that it facilitates a common language in the industry. The ISTQB Glossary provides a common vocabulary for the profession and is recognized as the norm. The assessment of tester capabilities is conducted independently by ISTQB and provides objective verification of competencies. This level of objectivity involved sets apart ISTQB from the rest of the certifications available.

Similarly, the non-profit nature of ISTQB ensures that content is not constrained by particular methodologies or technologies. Instead, it is able to draw on best practices from a wide variety of sources. Yet another feature of ISTQB is that the syllabi and other documents are continuously being improved to meet the needs of Business Organizations around the world and to keep pace with the development of the profession. Above all, it is a mark of professional standing of the individual. Being certified provides advantages for individuals and organizations by ensuring that testing professionals meet the high standards set by the ISTQB. Now, who doesn’t want that?

Eligibility Criteria
In order to win the title, you must successfully pass the ISTQB certification exams. The candidate who undergoes the examination must acquire professional knowledge in the field of testing, and be familiar with the basics and work processes of software testing. Apart from this, the Foundation Level exam has no prerequisites. However, to take the Advanced Level exam, candidates need to pass the Foundation Level exam first and must prove the prescribed professional experience, which is 24 months in India.

Why Choose Infaum?
It is estimated that ISTQB has 280+ Accredited Training Providers worldwide. An ISTQB accredited training provider is defined to have extensive knowledge and experience in testing and can provide additional insights into testing terminology and the syllabus content, to make it easier to attain the ISTQB certifications. Infaum Educational Technology is a recognized ISTQB Examination center. The trainers associated with Infaum are all ISTQB Certified Testers themselves. We are also equipped with the preferred level of industry experience in testing as well as training and the study material and lab facility is of global standards.

Need any more reason to convince that Infaum will provide you with only the best? Well, here is one! The ISTQB exam fee alone would come up to 4,600 INR and Infaum, being the authorized Examination Centre, offers you the opportunity to take the online examination at just that! ISTQB at the mere cost of 4,600/- Furthermore, you can join our 20 hour Manual Testing training course and take ISTQB Examination together at just 12,000/- Now, that deal will surely make you take the examination for the most sought after certification at the recognized examination center of Infaum!

Benefits for Professionals
Once you pass the examination and is awarded with ISTQB Certification, your career is rewarded with a credible boost. ISTQB Certification is a proof of your acquired competencies and skills on a global landscape. Also, depending on the level of certification that you underwent, you will be authorized to use the ‘Certified Tester’ logo. In addition to these, a wholesome career path support from Foundation to Expert level is available to you from now on.

Reports suggest that the majority of Test Engineers who took the ISTQB CTFL certification did so in order to enhance their career path (80%) and develop their testing skills (70%). Test Managers appear to see a high value in having their staff trained and certified. Around 88% of the Test Managers would prefer that more than half of their testing staff to be certified at the ISTQB foundation level. On average, the desired number of certified staff is 75%. These reports speak for themselves. It is the most desired mark of competency that a Software Testing professional can possible be awarded with. Ready yet to try your hand at the ISTQB examination?

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