Learning Java with Infaumedutech at Kochi

Learning Java with Infaumedutech at Kochi

Java is a programming language that is nearly used everywhere. It is just becoming omnipresent, appearing in a slew of devices and platforms across the globe. It is considered the most widely used software used in both client-side and server-side for developing applications.

As you are well aware, Java is derived from C and C++. Being an object-oriented language with a simple object model, it is relatively easier to learn. Java enables programmers to simplify coding, develop applications faster and install them on cross-platform systems.

Today Java applications can be found in a range of devices from mobiles and tablets to desktops and cloud computing servers. Over the years, Java has remained as one of the most popular programming languages and according to the Popularity of Programming Language (PYPL) Index, it has achieved the premium position. Java is also the most required programming skill for companies hiring professionals especially when it comes to enterprise positions in those companies.

Some of the benefits of Java are – it’s an open source programming language. Programming students can make use of the extensive documentation provided by Oracle which includes tutorials and learning tracks. There is massive documentation online and support groups including sites that help one find good Java jobs.

The Core Java course offered by Infaumedutech has an industry-mapped curriculum. Infaumedutech is the best place to learn Java in Kochi with a highly experienced faculty, the best state-of-the-art computer labs and placement support. Conveniently located near QRS at Palarivattom Bypass in Ernakulam, students can easily reach there.

The course length is 60 hours and the delivery mode is both Instructor Led Training (ILT) and Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT). The course is designed to teach object oriented programming using the Java Standard Edition programming language (JSE 8) and offers hands-on exercises, both classroom oriented and Lab Assigned, to students. Though no previous experience is expected, fundamental knowledge of C/C++ will be helpful in learning the concepts faster and better.