Need for digital marketers in business

Conventional marketing using the print and visual media is dying a slow death until a drastic metamorphosis happens in the advertising industry. The need for digital marketers in business has been steadily rising.

The explosive growth of smartphones has made access to information for a product or service faster. Prospective customer are increasingly going for the first hyperlink that come up in their search engine results. People now tend to trust Google more than what they see in advertisements believing that Google’s technology is more neutral as they give information about your competition as well. Hence the need for expert digital marketers who can make your website/blog search engine friendly. This results in increased sales and also net profitability as the costs for digital marketing are far lower than conventional or legacy marketing. There is a dearth of talented digital marketers who can play with words alluring prospective customers and keep content search engine friendly. As a corollary there is a greater interaction with customers as you go real time. Word of mouth publicity also increases.

The availability of real time search engine results can help pull the plug on a digital campaign that is not giving you the desired results thus ensuring rollback advertising costs are minimal. Going back to the drawing board is faster and you can come back to the customer with a different concept to match her need.