Python Training In Kochi


What is the Python language?

Python is the most used programming language today. It was released in 1991, is a high-level programming language just like Java. Python is also an object-oriented programming language, which means all elements in Python are objects. Python is a dynamic language so that the user doesn’t have to specify the type of variables. Python is a general-purpose programming language (full-stack language) and has a vast application in different fields. There are two versions of Python, 2.0 and the latest version is 3. 3.7.

Why learn Python?

Studies show that Python is the best introductory programming language to learn. Compared to other high-level languages, Python uses less line of code and there is no requirement for initialization, which makes it simpler to work with. Python has one of the biggest community which helps users in getting plenty of tutorials, groups, etc. from the Internet.
Large tech giants, such as NASA, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube, Dropbox, Quora, Mozilla, etc., realized the scope of Python and they are using it in various fields.

According to the TIOBE index, Python has a 3rd rank in programming languages and it is the fastest-growing language.

Applications of Django

Django is used in Python for web development. As we already said, it’s a general-purpose language. Its applications are wide. Desktop GUI is another application by TK, PyQt library. Data science, one of the trends in the current tech world, also depends on Python. You can make 2D, 3D games by Pygame library. Web scrapping, IoT, Computer vision using OpenCV, Networking by SMTP, FTP, HTTP, are some of the applications of Python. Raspberry Pi and Python are one of the best choices for Robotics.

Future of python

Python programming language is undoubtedly dominating the other languages when future technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI) comes into play. In AI, Machine learning is now the most famous branch. There are many frameworks for it like Tensorflow, sci-kit-learn, etc. Other technologies like Natural language processing (NLTK library), Neural networks, Computer vision are the future demands of Python.
Another big future technology will be Big Data. It consists of the analysis of large data worldwide. Python did a great job by providing a large number of libraries for Big Data like Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Ipython, etc.

Python Training  in Kochi

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