Software Testing Project Training in Kochi

Developing software is a long drawn project and process. It involves many people working over long hours and at considerable costs. It involves creativity, ingenuity and a lot of hard work. In the end of the development, the software developed should work. It should meet the expectations, requirements and go beyond, to delight the end customer.


About a decade ago, software testing was a process that software developers themselves undertook as part of a routine. It continually interfered with their work, caused friction among the coders and led to mistakes being overlooked by the developers themselves to that they were not seen in a bad light.

Over the years, Software Testing has become critical to the development and success of projects especially with the pressure to getting to the market first and fast. It has enabled bugs to be detected and fixed before the project is presented to the client. In the current era of emerging technologies like IoT and AI, it has become even more critical that software is tested and ensured for its infallibility.

If you are interested in a career in Software Testing Infaum Edu Tech offers the best-in-class software testing at Kochi, Kerala. The Software Testing Project Training offered by Infaum Edu Tech is affiliated with the prestigious HP Software University, HP Educational Services, and Certiport through eTrainIndia. Taking into stock the specialized needs of the IT industry in India, Infaum Edu Tech is authorized to offer a slew of advanced training & certification programs from HP and Certiport, tailored to industry requirements.

Infaum Edu Tech software training centre is industry-focused. The curriculum is of international standards, which means, the students are trained well enough to accept challenging jobs from anywhere. The standards of training and preparation gained by the students give them the confidence of becoming a professional that can meet international requirements as well.