The Unassuming Nightmare of New Professionals: Collaborative tools!

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The Unassuming Nightmare of New Professionals: Collaborative tools!

I remember my first MNC job. Neat package, practical work hours, impressive infrastructure and professional ambience… Everything about the job seemed to scream professionalism and I felt dwarfed in comparison. I was excited about the work but terrified at the prospects.

The first couple of months was awful. Even after the onboarding and training, I couldn’t handle the work well. Guess who was the villain? A couple of collaboration and project management tools! They were frequently resorted to for internal communications and I was clueless on how to use them.

I now realize how unnecessary the plight was. When I signed up for my first job I had just the basic computer skills in my kitty. Gmail was the only email platform I knew. With the new work, tight deadlines and frantic learning, no one felt that I should be taught what these tools were or how to use them.

I was embarrassed to ask a senior how to do something as basic and insignificant as attaching a file in the mail. Until I learned the ropes and saw how uncomplicated it really was, I put myself through much mental agony. And I know that I am not the only one!

Its ironic how most fresh professionals are tormented by a couple of tools that are actually meant to make it easy for them! These project management tools and CRM platforms are too easily used that people tend to overlook them when they train freshers. You will be shown where the cafeteria is but not how to send queries to your TL in Basecamp.

You might finish your assignment in time but fumble with the buttons in the email platform. Much precious time and peace is wasted in the process of figuring out which option to choose or how to ping the team without alerting the VP by accident. I wish someone taught me how!

Small, medium or huge organizations, you can’t escape the collaborative tools. Lotus Notes, Zoho, Huddle, Slack, Basecamp or Kanban, they go by many names but are as effortless to use as Facebook. The basic functioning of most of these tools are the same and mastering them is a piece of cake if only you know how!

Project Management tools are those used to connect people involved in a project and maintain that everything is organized from start to finish. Simply put, it is the established system of people working together as a team to complete a project. Effective use of these tools improve team development, increase flexibility, improve efficiency and boost employ morale.

To optimize the production time, enable better brainstorming and necessitate smoother employ relationships, organizations relay on project management tools. With office space overpriced and more people opting to work from home, collaborative tools are surely the future of professional communication. Better learn to use them now to save yourself some frantic fumbling later.

However, IT training institutes are realizing that this is the need of the hour. They understand the potential of coaching their students in popular collaborative tools in order to ease the strain they are bound to experience at the workplace. Infaum Educational Technology is the pioneer in this approach and the trainers are already offering students tips on how to survive in the competitive arena. It is heartening to know that people are devising solutions to help new resources and ensure that the nightmarish experience I had wouldn’t be repeated. Infaum Edu Tech is the best software testing Institute in Kerala.