What Is Appium



what is appium


Appium an open-source automation framework developed by Dan Cuellar in 2007 and now it is used for testing native, hybrid and web applications in platforms like iOS and Android. This automates any mobile application of any language and any test framework. It uses a webdriver protocol to drive different platforms. It uses the JSON wire protocol to interact with iOS and Android native applications using the selenium webdriver. 


appium supports automation on physical devices such as emulators or simulators. Appium offers cross-platform application testing. It is not dependent on the operating system or device type. It supports languages that have Selenium client libraries like Java, Perl, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, C, PHP, etc. Therefore Appium has an inspector to record and playback excluding Microsoft windows. Appium and selenium use the same web driver protocol and same client libraries to control and test the targeted platforms.


Architecture Of Appium


Appium is an HTTP server written in node.js which handles multiple webdriver sessions. The reaction between node.js and selenium client libraries work together with the mobile application. It receives information from a client, listens to their commands, and executes it on a mobile device, and responds with an HTTP response. A client written in any language can be used to send the appropriate HTTP requests to the server and there are already clients written in almost every popular programming language hence they are called automation libraries.





  • It can automate various types of mobile applications. Hence it becomes easier for a tester to test various applications using a single framework.


  • Enables testers to evaluate mobile applications without altering or recompiling the code frequently.


  • Allows testers to test on both real devices and physical devices like emulators and simulators.


  • It has a record and playback tool to produce test scripts in various languages.


  • It doesn’t install the applications every time while running the code like calabash but it has a feature to test in the previously installed applications.


  • supports cloud-based testing and testers can test scripts in the cloud.


             Above all are the core benefits of Appium





  • It doesn’t support the testing of android versions below 4.1. But there are still a number of devices with lower versions of android.


  • Test execution is slow due to dependency on webdriver network issues and processing commands.


  • It doesn’t allow users to run multiple test scripts on multiple simulators at a time. Therefore, developers need to execute test scripts individually.


  • It doesn’t support image recognition or lacks to locate images automatically.


  • It is weak in test performance and stability.


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Contributor: Krishnendhu Sunil