What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) ?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) ?

Artifical Intelligence

AI is a branch of computer science which enables machines to work intelligently and independently behave as humans. Humans can see things, write, read languages where computers do these tasks by symbolic learning and machine learning.AI is used in the field of medical, marketing, robotics etc. AI is risk to the human civilization in near future.

There is misconception that AI is the robots doing our daily life needs. But now AI is used as per specific task. Actually we are using AI without us noticing such as google search which predicts what we are going to search, friend suggestions in facebook or the newsfeed etc.

AI is the science of making machines behaves as humans. AI has subsets such as machine learning and deep learning. Machine learning is subset of AI which provides data and helps in decision making.

Deep learning is the subset of machine learning which focuses on neural networks to solve complex problems. AI, machine learning and deep learning are different but they are interconnected to each other.

There are three different types of AI.

1. Artificial narrow intelligence

it is also known as weak AI which is focused on a specific task. At present the systems which says work on AI is actually Artificial narrow intelligence.

Eg: face verification, google maps, alexa.

2. Artificial general intelligence

This is also known as strong AI. In this the machine can act and perform intellectual tasks which humans can perform. But they don’t have the ability to think and reasoning the intellectual tasks is performed by strong processing unit. But strong AI can take over humans.

3. Artificial super intelligence

This is the situation where machines take over the world. It is the future of AI which is a huge technique to the computer science but at the same time threat to the human civilization.

AI is also used to compose poems, for spotting a solar system, marketing field, robotics, medical field, in Facebook for face verification, twitter AI which identify terrorist linked accounts by using machine learning, deep learning natural learning, google search which predicts our search by details such as location, age etc.

Another AI application is self-driving cars which are to be come in near future. As AI is branching out to every aspects of our life in near future it can also take over our life. In such situations humans should have methods to protect us from these systems.

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