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what is artificial intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence is the ability of a person to think and take decisions logically for solving real-world problems. It includes learning, reasoning, linguistic intelligence and critical thinking. Artificial intelligence(AI) is the technique of making intelligent machines that mimic human intelligence. An AI system has two components in general, an agent and its environment. An agent can be anything like a robot which perceives its environment through various sensors and acts on the environment through various effectors.


what is artificial intelligence



  • First Is Artificial Narrow Intelligence(ANI)
  • Second Is Artificial General Intelligence(AGI)
  • Third Is Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

ANI refers to the weak AI is capable of doing only specific tasks such as facial recognition, speech recognition, searching over the internet etc. AGI is the concept of machines that mimics human intelligence and it solves real-world problems. ASI refers to strong AI which can supersede man in performing various actions. This type of AI functions well in emotional relationships, arts, decision making etc. The AI contains subsets like Machine Learning(ML) and Deep Learning(DL). ML focuses on getting machines to makes decisions by providing the data.ML helps in identifying the patterns in the data which aids in future predictions. DL is the subset of ML which uses the concept of neural networks to solve complex problems.

The Advantages of AI

  • Helps in reduction of errors
  • Helps in the handling of risks
  • Availability of 24*7
  • Helps in doing repetitive jobs
  • Provides digital assistance interfaces
  • Accurate decision making & applications in the medical industry

The Disadvantages of AI

  • Incurs high costs 
  • Leads to unemployment
  • Needs a highly experienced & skilled workforce
  • Lacks in creativity

The Various Applications of AI

  • In social media for predicting personalized experiences
  • For business analytics
  • In health care industries & robotics
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Virtual assistants and mobile applications
  • Used in logistics industries

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