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what is augmented reality


The state or behaviour of a substance as they actually exist or how it is experienced is known as reality. There are three types of reality that are ruling the technologies in the world that is Augmented Reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.

The difference between the augmented, virtual and mixed reality is, in virtual reality, our world is replaced with a virtual one and in augmented reality, we can get a view of real-world in a modified way through a system generated display, sound, graphics etc. and mixed reality is a hybrid reality that mix the other two realities to visualize the interaction of real and digital objects.

Hardware components constituted in augmented reality are display, processor, sensor and input devices and two major technologies used are diffractive waveguides and reflective waveguides. Software algorithms should be developed from the real world coordinates of images using image registering and it uses different methods of computer vision like video tracking.



Applications Of  Augmented Reality



In army augmented reality plays a vital role. AR tools are used for digital training missions

of the soldiers.


To teach the students how to take off and land a flight, using AR tools they created digital runway.


AR is used to modify the internal and external structure of automobiles. It is also used to alter the engine layouts.


A number of video games are been released on the market using AR technology which gives the user a real-world interacting experience with the digital world. It creates virtual enemies, digital environment and visual effects and challenges the users which increase the user interest and responses.


AR technology enables the customers to view inside the package without opening it using video marketing and integrate printing. The printed image on the package can be scanned using an Augmented Realty-enabled device to check the product.


In school and colleges, students can interact with learning environments. They can visualize and study the structures and spatial formations of humans, molecules, instruments, machine parts etc.

Digital textbooks and markers can also be used for effective learning.



For building construction, the architectures can be easily prepared using AR computer visual which supports 3D visualization of the 2D images.


AR can enable to view the fetus inside a mother. It helps to train and practice in surgical procedures. Virtual x rays and ultrasound are other major advantages which can eliminate the risks of high radiation exposure.


The travellers can get real-time informational displays about the particular place and its features provided by the previous visitors.

DRAWBACKS Of Augmented Reality

The users might fall in a digital world where they get traumatized due to the games and in certain cases, it can lead to death. There were certain games which enable the user to play while driving which caused a number of accidents.

The major concern of AR is that it affects individual privacy or areas that required to be private. Some of the AR-enabled applications can automatically send information to the users about whoever they see or where ever they visit.


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