What is DevOps?

What is DevOps ?

DevOps is a set of rules or mindset to reduce the time taken for developing software and production. The word DevOps comes from the two words development and operation. It is a working way from the development side to the operator side.

Let us consider an example. In a company, there are two team developer team and operator teams. The role of the developer team is to code the program. The operator team’s role is to manage the application, production, scalability, phases, traffic, etc. At the time of software creation, the developer team writes code based on requirements, design and the software created is passed to the operator team for deployment. As the operator team has other responsibilities to do so the deployment will be delayed.

Since the developers don’t understand the workable state of operators they expect their software to be deployed at the same time when they pass the software to the operator team without any delay. But this doesn’t happen. That is there are miscommunication between and the developers and the operators.The developers get the feedback of their product very lately which results in the slowing down of coding for the next module. As the customer didn’t receive the product on time an argument/ disagreement arises as who is responsible for the time lagging.

To avoid these problems the developer team and the operator team work together as one team by sharing their ideas and even changing their position. That is the developer team knows what is going on in the operator team and vice versa. That is it is a mindset that knows both sides and works accordingly.

DevOps is a way of working for a company so that the new software or application reaches the client as early as possible. By the concept of DevOps, the gap between developers and operators is reduced. DevOps focuses on automation to save time.

Advantages of DevOps

By using DevOps the time taken to deliver a product to the market will be less. More focus is on improving the business. Better quality software is built by using this way with more frequent deployment. In DevOps, they use new tools such as Jenkins, Git, etc.

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