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Grey box testing is a method of testing software and application externally and internally. The grey box is a mix of white-box testing and black-box testing. The implementation is done with limited knowledge of the internal process of the software application.
The main aim of the grey box is to remove the deficiencies and errors in the software. The grey box is made by merging white box and black box testing.

White Box  – the internal structure is fully known

Black Box  – the internal structure is fully unknown

Grey Box – Internal code structure  is partially known

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Grey Box Testing Steps

First Step – The Basic process of internal features of the application is tested using white box

Second Step – A design is made on the knowledge gained in the first step to proceed the rest of the test

Third Step – Using the prepared design quality of the software is tested externally


Grey Box Testing Strategy

While testing using grey box source -code is required to design the test. The Test process is done on the basis of test design, test design is made by using algorithm, internal states and the program behaviour. Whole methods of black-box testing is used here. Test case is generated on the basis of requirment.

The standard steps to carry out Grey box

1. Inputs from White-Box and Black-Box testing are filtered out

2. Identification of  the outputs from the above step

3. All Of the key paths to pass through during the testing phase is sorted out.

4. sub-functions to carry out deep level testing are finded.

5. Preparation of inputs for sub-functions.

6. likely outputs for sub-functions are sorted out.

7. Test case for sub-functions is done.

8. Verification of the of outcome.

9. step 4 and step 8 is repeated again

10. Step 7 and step 8 is repeated


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