Future of software automation testing in 2020



Future of software automation testing

No matter what the technology has improved , the future of software automation testing will remain high. In order to provide high quality software, The product is  screened through software testing to find the errors and bugs. The main Focus is to meet the clients requirement.

Most of the software developing is  leaning towards automation software testing over manual testing. Companies prefer the candidate who knows both manual and automation software testing.  when it comes to software testing the trends keeps changing. Following are the few trends that will change the testing industry to the core.


  1. Code-less Test Automation : which makes easier for software testers and helps to deliver the result fast and save time.
  2. Artificial Intelligence integrated Testing : There exist some defects for every testing tool. But the result  using AI is having high accuracy rate.
  3. RPA : Every sector and business is implementing robotics to increase the efficiency and decrease the expense. Same goes to software testing too. Robotic process automation has stepped into the testing industry.


Overview Regarding Future Of Software Automation Testing


Software testers is required to be updated with trend and technology . Everything keep changing so they need to run accordingly to compete with other software testers. Artificial intelligence  and machine learning will create a lot of influence in Software testing.


Using of AI tools will be increased to optimize the testing to increase efficiency and decrease errors. Automation if fast and low cost. Mixing both automation and AI will reduce the hectic over software testing. For performance , usability, security Automation testing will be used vastly. In other words,There will huge increase in level of automation testing using model based testing. Therefore, we can say that the future for software automation testing in brighter


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